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Lukotrans, Your Reliable Transporter to and from the United Kingdom

At Lukotrans, we are known for our reliability and flexibility in goods transportation. Our experienced drivers and modern fleet ensure that your goods arrive safely and on time at the right location. This also applies to transportation to and from the United Kingdom. We have years of experience in transporting goods to and from England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to gather the necessary documentation and plan the right routes to ensure that your goods cross the border smoothly.

Choose Lukotrans for your goods transportation to and from the United Kingdom and experience the benefits of a professional and reliable transporter.

In addition to Full truck load (FTL), exceptional transport, and heavy transport, you can also come to us for groupage transport to the United Kingdom. Our experienced team ensures that your goods are transported efficiently and affordably by grouping them with other shipments. This is ideal for companies that regularly transport smaller quantities of goods to the United Kingdom.

Thanks to our efficient planning and route optimization, we can offer you favorable transport rates without sacrificing service and safety. Curious about the rates? Feel free to request a quote through the website and find out what the rates will be for your transport order soon.

Why Lukotrans as your logistics partner?


Your desires are always our top priority.


Lukotrans provides you with fully unburdened transportation. We deliver anywhere in the world and handle all necessary documentation.
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By working ad hoc, we can remain flexible.


Our employees are available 24/7 to help you with all your transport queries and needs.
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We deliver what we promise. A deal is a deal.


At Lukotrans, we make agreements to keep them. Your desires are our top priority.
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By keeping our lines short, we can respond quickly.


Our customer orientation and punctuality allow us to deliver your goods to the destination quickly.
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Empower your business with better logistics


Full Worldwide Logistics Services

At Lukotrans, we specialize in international transportation. We pick up your goods from your location and deliver them to any business address. We also take care of your supply chain challenges so that you can focus on your core business.


Hot Shot Transport

Since your business never stops, you sometimes need goods or materials quickly on-site. At these times, we go into overdrive with our hot shot transportation service so your goods arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.


Trucking Services

Lukotrans offers professional trucking services as a reliable and efficient solution for transporting your cargo. In addition to air and sea transport, we also provide traditional road transportation, both FTL and LTL.

Front of old train crossing railway with goods


Lukotrans is the transportation company for handling your customs issues. Customs barriers worldwide are increasing, making it a bigger challenge to control the supply chain from start to finish. Our experienced team of professionals is happy to assist you with tailored solutions.

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Transport Supervisor

Lukotrans provides transport supervisor services for all types of exceptional or heavy transports. Our certified specialists have the experience and expertise to plan routes domestically and internationally. Our escort vehicles are equipped and marked in compliance with the requirements of the relevant country.

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Your goods, our logistical expertise and resources. It's a match that saves you time, space and money. With our warehousing services, your goods are in good hands. We ensure that all logistical services related to warehousing run smoothly. We have 16000 m2 of outdoor storage for all your goods.

Our year in numbers

It’s been a year full of growth and development for Lukotrans. Our company continued to expand our services and reach new heights in the transportation industry. The following are some of our standout numbers from the year.


Kilometres driven last year


Trucks on the road


Countries we drove to